A description of what happened to some states in us during the devastation of 1900s storm

The destruction wrought by the hurricane brought forth a new focus on the study of hurricane prediction. Library of Congress In the summer ofGalveston, Texas, was a thriving commercial city perched on a low-lying barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas mainland. It was an economic boom-town, a major port with over 40, inhabitants.

A description of what happened to some states in us during the devastation of 1900s storm

Ship reports were the only reliable tool for observing hurricanes at sea, and because wireless telegraphy was in its infancy, these reports were not available until the ships put in at a harbor. The storm, like many powerful Atlantic hurricanes, is believed to have begun as a Cape Verde hurricane —a tropical wave moving off the western coast of Africa.

The storm passed through the Leeward Islands on August 30, probably as a tropical depression as indicated by barometric pressure reports from Antigua. By September 1, U. Weather Bureau observers were reporting on a "storm of moderate intensity not a hurricane " southeast of Cuba.

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Continuing westward, the storm made landfall on southwest Cuba on September 3, dropping heavy rains. On September 5, it emerged into the Florida Straits as a tropical storm or a weak hurricane. Conditions in the Gulf of Mexico were favorable for further strengthening of the storm.

The Gulf had seen little cloud cover for several weeks, and the seas were "as warm as bathwater", according to one report.

A description of what happened to some states in us during the devastation of 1900s storm

In the early morning hours of Friday, September 7, the Weather Bureau office in New Orleans, Louisiana, issued a report of heavy damage along the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts. Details of the storm were not widespread; damage to telegraph lines limited communication.

Both of these observations are consistent with a hurricane approaching from the east. The Galveston Weather Bureau office raised its double square flags; a hurricane warning was in effect. Later that day, it curved northward and weakened to a tropical storm at The storm lost tropical characteristics and transitioned into an extratropical cyclone over Iowa by Galveston, Texas Inthe city of Galveston, Texas, was a booming town.

Then ina powerful hurricane blew through, nearly destroying the town. Indianola was rebuilt, though a second hurricane in caused residents to simply give up and move elsewhere. Galveston is built on a low, flat islandlittle more than a large sandbar along the Gulf Coast.

Residents believed any future storms would be no worse than previous events.

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Sand dunes along the shore were cut down to fill low areas in the city, removing what little barrier there was to the Gulf of Mexico. Moore also changed protocol to force local Weather Bureau offices to seek authorization from the central office before issuing storm warnings.

One Cuban forecaster predicted the hurricane would continue into central Texas near San Antonio. Early the next morning, the swells continued despite only partly cloudy skies. Largely because of the unremarkable weather, few residents heeded the warning. Cline, [24] have been called into question in recent years, as no other survivors corroborated these accounts.

Caribbean[ edit ] Heavy rainfall fell in Cuba in association with the storm, including up to Firefighters and police rescued and aided stranded residents.

Floodwaters severely damaged banana plantations and washed away miles of railroads.


Damage estimates ranged in the thousands of British pounds. The Galveston Hurricane of is one of the deadliest natural disasters ever to strike the United States. Deadliest United States hurricanes.The forecast calls for the storm’s center to “move away from the United States today and move rapidly across the open Atlantic Ocean” beginning Friday night and through Sunday.

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In terms of human life, it remains the worst natural disaster in United States history. Galveston's leaders took several major steps to recover from the storm and to prevent a recurrence of the devastation.

During the decade of the 's, World's Fairs of various sizes were held throughout the United States to stimulate the local economies as public works projects to pull the country out of depression.

They were also used a public confidence projects to buoy the spirit of a nation in economic turmoil. Aug 28,  · Here are some of the most powerful photos of the devastation and a before-and-after look at the affected areas. If you can do so safely, please share your own photos and videos here, or leave us.

Taken in June , only three months before the Storm, it lists the family members, their ages, birth month and year, occupation, and whether they immigrated to the United States and in what year.

Finally you should check the lists of the dead, including pamphlets, books, and newspaper listings. More than people in the Northeast died during the Great Blizzard, the worst death toll in United States history for a winter storm.

On March 11 and March 12 in , this devastating nor.

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