An analysis of a story of two boys john canty and edward tudor

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An analysis of a story of two boys john canty and edward tudor

Introduction Rich with surprise and hilarious adventure The Prince and the Pauper is adelightful satire of Englands romantic past and a joyful boyhood romp filled with thesame tongue-in-cheek irony that sparks the best of Mark Twains tall tales.

It was first published in in Canada before its publication in the UnitedStates. The book represents Twains first attempt at historical fiction.

Set in thenovel tells the story of two young boys who are identical in appearance: Mark Twain pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens was anAmerican writer journalist and humorist who won a worldwide audience for hisstories of the youthful adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Clemens wasborn on November 30 in Florida Missouri of a Virginian family. In Twainleft for California and worked in San Francisco as a reporter.

He visited Hawaii as acorrespondent for The Sacramento Union publishing letters on his trip and givinglectures. He set out on a world tour traveling in France and Italy.

An analysis of a story of two boys john canty and edward tudor

Life on the Mississippi appeared in and Huckleberry Finn in In the s Twain lost most of his earnings in financial speculations and in the failureof his own publishing firm.

H During his long writing career Twain also produced a considerable numberof essays. A Summary of the Book The Prince and the Pauper attracted my eyes because of its funny plot and its impressed methods that educated many people.

The Prince and the Pauper tells the tale of two boys who trade clothing in one afternoon and as a result they trade lives at last. One is the heir to the throne of England Edward Tudor. The other boy is Tom Canty the son of a beggar and thief.

The Prince and the Pauper

Tom Canty is forced by his father to beg and he is beaten severely if he returns empty-handed. Father Andrew provides him some respite from this life by telling him tales about the nobility.

One day Tom and Edward come across by accident. They exchange clothing anddiscover that they look very much alike. Then the prince rushes out of the palace. Edward is mocked by the crowd all the while asserting that he is the son of the king.

Then Edward wanders around until he is collared by John Canty. During that timeTom adapted to this kind of life quickly. When Tom enjoyed his life the real prince tried to get in the palace. The mob beat him. Miles Hendon appeared and protected him. The prince and Hendon are struggling with the crowd.

Hendon leaves to buy new clothes for him while the prince is still sleeping. Tom makes good use of an interview with Humphrey Marlow to learn things Tom uses opportunities to learn and remember important royal matters.

The prince falls asleep on straw he hears many tales of injustice. He declares such laws should be abolished and he was mocked by people. He tried to escape and finallyhe succeeded. Through this period he met a woman and two girls who helped him andbelieved him.

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The Prince and the Pauper - A Prince and A Pauper in King Arthur's Court

It tells the story of two boys in 16th century England who were born on the same day and look identical, but are unrelated. One, named Edward Tudor, is a prince and the other, named Tom Canty, is a pauper.

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An analysis of a story of two boys john canty and edward tudor

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