Bad stakeholder management examples

Lessons in Bad Stakeholder Management Posted on: The project management literature is riddled with examples of poor stakeholder management. But it has recently occurred to me that one of the most egregious examples of this happened in my own backyard with the now-aborted Boston Olympic endeavor. A little history is in order here:

Bad stakeholder management examples

Over business professionals from a wide range of industries have used our Stakeholder mapping templates. Learn more Templates included: This case study is a prime example of what can go wrong when stakeholders are not managed and Stakeholder Engagement is not adequately planned.

In the UK passport Agency planned to introduce a new computerised processing system to replace an old system and provide more secure passports. They aimed to introduce the system in their Liverpool and Newport offices before the summer busy period.

The timeline was tight and the Agency failed to provide enough time for staff to learn and adapt to the new system. The introduction of the system had to be postponed and the Agency was unable to cope with the demand for new passports. Failure to adequately assess the time needed to implement the system and lack of a contingency plan in the event of a problem were compounded by a further failure to adequately manage the Agencies most important stakeholders — the media and the general public.

Thousands wait outside the Glasgow passport office On 18 November the Agency, suspended the rollout of the computer system. In Februaryapplications began to increase and processing times rose.

By March, the delays started to attract Parliamentary and media attention. The number of applications then rose steeply. Passport applicant reading an article on the delays At this point the Agency should have been able to refer to its Stakeholder Communication Plan and put in measures to engage with the media and the public.

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Instead they withdrew some staff from the telephones and moved them to processing applications. According to the NAO report into the crisis 27 Octoberpg 47 at peak periods in Liverpool the telephone service was virtually shut down. At this point the Agency could have increased their channels of communication to engage with their key stakeholders see 52 ways to engage with stakeholders.

Instead they altered their recorded message to advise callers to write to the Agency and provided a fax number. The Agency responded by buying umbrellas and luncheon vouchers. When the NAO published their report the Agency were considering measures to cope with demand during busy periods including: Sounds like they started to write their Stakeholder Engagement Plan lets hope it got finished!

They provide 42 fully referenced case studies, including Wal-Mart and Body Shop. The Passport Delays of Summer27 Octoberhttps: Stakeholder Analysis - How to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder Definition - Learn how to identify and stakeholders before they do any damage.

Stakeholder Engagement - Stakeholder Engagement approaches and how to develop a stakeholder engagement strategy. Stakeholder Planning - How to identify win win strategies and develop an effective stakeholder management plan.Read more on Stakeholder Management.

What is a Stakeholder? - This mindmap shows the most authoritative answers to the question What is a Stakeholder?

Bad stakeholder management examples

Stakeholder Analysis - How to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis ; Stakeholder Definition - Learn how to . WHY IS STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT SO DIFFICULT? Presented at: Universidad EAN Bogota, Columbia.

Stakeholder management and communication is complex and usually takes more The examples of both T5 projects illustrate the importance of proactive risk. If it simply cannot be done, all stakeholders involved, including and especially your team, will appreciate your candor.” Mistake #3: Failing to have a set stakeholder communication plan.

Based on your stakeholders’ power and interest in the project, you now know how communication is integral to working with stakeholders. 9 Examples of Stakeholders posted by John Spacey, March 06, updated on August 14, A stakeholder is a person or organization that has an interest or concern in your business.

The following are common examples. Management Examples. A definition of management with examples. Company, Fidessa 2 Stakeholders of Fidessa 2 3 Stakeholder Management Plan 2 Objectives of the Plan 2 Evaluation of Stakeholders’ Expectations 3 Communication with Stakeholders 3 Maintaining the Issue Log 3 Change Log 3 Request Log 4 4 Conclusion 4 5 References 4 1 Introduction An essential element of the strategic management of any organization is the .

Project Management Journal, 37(5), 26– Reprints and Permissions The standard process used by the United States (US) Department of Defense (DOD) to implement its projects is highly complex: It involves numerous and varying structural, behavioral, and environmental factors, including the simultaneous management of competing stakeholders.

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