Bbc script writing advice from stephen

Amitava Kumar 36 Features When I was promoted to the rank of professor, the library at the university where I was then employed asked me to send them the name of a book that had been useful to me in my career. The library then purchased a copy, which was duly displayed in one of its rooms, with a statement I had written about the book: This was one of the first literary autobiographies that I read. Its very first sentence established in my mind the idea of writing as an opening in time or a beginning; it conveyed to me, with its movement and rhythm, a history of repeated striving, and of things coming together, at last, in the achievement of the printed word:

Bbc script writing advice from stephen

Please leave this field empty. Details submitted are only used to deal with your request. How To Combat Cold Calling About Fictitious Accident Claims November 5, by admin 96 comments Occasionally we receive an email from somebody complaining that we have cold called them.

One thing that we never do is cold call. The only people that we ever call are those that contact us first and have requested we call them back usually for advice or to start a claim, and so we decided to look at a few ways people can try to combat those that bbc script writing advice from stephen participate in annoying and intrusive cold calling.

Before we look at how to combat cold calling about fictitious accident claims it is worth noting that not all cold calls are illegal. If you have agreed to receive marketing phone calls from a particular company they are quite within their rights to call as detailed in the agreement.

The vast majority of companies will take you off their marketing list if you change your mind but there are some companies who push the boundaries and some that go way beyond the boundaries. One type of cold calling which has been doing the rounds for some time centers round a fictitious car insurance claim amid suggestions that you or a loved one have been in an accident.

As more and more people are spotting cold calls on their mobile phone and landline these companies are becoming ever more ingenious in their approach. Getting You To Answer The Cold Call In the marketing cold calling world once you have picked up the phone the hard part has been done and the next challenge is to keep you talking.

However, many companies have found a dubious way to get around this! Have you received a phone call recently which appeared to come from your local area hence the local area code yet on answering you find the company is nowhere near you?

Companies are now able to redirect their phone calls via the Internet and using a system commonly in use in the cold calling industry they can pick up on your local area code and redirect their call.

The reason they do this is because the vast majority of us will pick up a local dialling code number, perhaps we are concerned it is a loved one trying to get in contact or an important phone call which needs to be taken. However, when was the accident, who was involved and what details do they have for your records?

No unknown third-party insurance company would ever contact you about a car accident involving you or a member of your family. While the cold calling company think they have your interest when you have picked up the phone call and listen to your potential compensation claim it is then time to turn the tables.

The Story Begins To Unravel If you start asking questions many of these companies will quote the data protection laws and perhaps suggest they are unable to confirm details at this moment. While some of these cold callers blatantly lie to get your details and never reveal who they really are there are others that are supremely confident they will talk you round, and will often give you their real contact details, once you begin to ask questions the majority will backtrack and hang-up the phone.

bbc script writing advice from stephen

There is no point in barring these Internet connected phone calls because they will just use another number the next time, but take note of the company and their real contact details as they may come in very useful.

So what was the reason for the original phone call? To see if you have actually been in an accident of late and whether they can help — at this point they would focus on your real accident and dismiss the fictitious one. Compensation claims, court cases and time to build your case can lead to a handsome pay-out for the cold calling companies — although they are only doing it for you!

In summary you have a number of rights with regards to third-party cold calling and if used correctly they can certainly reduce the problem. Telephone Preference Service TPS The TPS should be your first point of contact because by simply registering with this service you are confirming what you do not wish to receive live marketing calls.

This is a central register of individuals that have opted-out which should be respected by all telephone marketing companies. If you register with the TPS you may need to wait 28 days before the system is fully up-to-date but you have in theory opted-out of receiving any live marketing phone calls.

In an environment where wasted time equates to lost revenue the amount of work hours wasted taking marketing cold calls can become expensive and tiresome to say the least. Check The Small Print As we touched on above, many marketing companies have small print hidden away in their customer agreements which allow them to cold call customers unless advised otherwise.

There has been a change in the law over the last few years whereby customers should opt in rather than be forced to opt out of such arrangements but this is not always adhered to.

So, you should check the fine detail of any agreement you sign with third parties and opt out of any areas which you find unacceptable. While many of us complain loudly about marketing cold calls, how many of us actually check the small print before we sign a purchase order or new customer agreement?

Tell The Cold Callers To Take You Off Their List While there are services to sign-up to and small print to check, you always have the overriding option to tell any cold calling company to take you off their marketing list. Make a note of what you told them, when you told them and keep this to hand in case they call you again maybe even send an email where possible.

Closing Thoughts Even though many marketing cold calls are perfectly legitimate and above board many of us have experienced nuisance phone calls on a regular basis.

Indeed some companies have received even greater fines for continued contempt of the law and the wishes of the general public.In March , Eric Maschwitz, the Assistant and Adviser to the Controller of Programmes at BBC Television, asked Donald Wilson, the Head of the Script Department, to have his department's Survey Group prepare a study on the feasibility of the BBC producing a new science fiction television series.

The report was prepared by staff members Alice Frick . Occasionally we receive an email from somebody complaining that we have cold called them. One thing that we never do is cold call. The only people that we ever call are those that contact us first and have requested we call them back usually for advice or to start a claim, and so we decided to look at a few ways people can try to combat those that do .

Early life and Press Gang. Moffat was born in Paisley, Scotland, where he attended Camphill High School. He studied at the University of Glasgow, where he was involved with the student television station, GUST (Glasgow University Student Television).

After gaining an MA degree in English from Glasgow, he worked as a teacher for three and a half years at Cowdenknowes High School, Greenock. On 6 August, I sent a complaint to the BBC: Your reporting of this evening’s riot in Tottenham included photographs which you said, were “from Twitter”.

Here then are my rules: 1. Write every day. This is a cliché, of course, but you will write more when you tell yourself that no day must pass without writing.

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