Burrito restaurant business plan

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Burrito restaurant business plan

Industry News September 22, On Friday the fast casual, beach-themed burrito restaurant Go Burrito announced the expansion of the franchise into a new market: The Salisbury, North Carolina-based brand will open four franchised stores throughout the coastal state during the next two years, starting in Ocala, Florida.

The fast casual burrito restaurant hopes to replicate its loyal Salisbury customers close to the ocean.

burrito restaurant business plan

The multi-unit agreement opens the brand to a fitting market. The Salisbury store will celebrate its fifth anniversary in February of and still maintains the same chill coastal vibe. A California native, Wetzel aimed to bring his roots to his new home of Salisbury when he relocated.

We share fresh, high-quality burritos that are prepared in front of our customers for a reasonable price. To meet the challenge of extending the brand into a new market, Wetzel feels he has a competitive edge in his Florida franchisee, Brad Harper. Harper is a local entrepreneur with decades of restaurant experience, and has been a successful, multi-unit franchise owner and operator for over 17 years.

But, when it comes down to it, I also believe in Mikey and his vision for the brand. The Salisbury store recently polled customers on social media and received over responses about where customers believe future Go Burritos will be a major hit.When Ells opened the first Chipotle 20 years ago in Denver, he was determined to make the square-foot restaurant's design as transparent as its service.

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