Loss of reading habit among the youth

One stares at the television that rests on an end table, the second fiddles with a hand-held video game; the head of the third is wrapped in earphones.

Loss of reading habit among the youth

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This is an old saying. It has been believed that avid readers tend to have a better grasp on realities and are known to be better judges of people. But have the internet boom and interactive medium of images caused a set back in reading habit? But today, in an age when browsing the net, playing with funky handsets and passing non-stop SMS seem to be the order of the day.

The internet boom, interactive medium of images, TV and the silver screen filling the minds of the modern youth, taking majority of their free time we have to think seriously how the growing generations will find time to read.

While technology is taking control steadily over individual lives, the reading habit is fast vanishing into thin air.

Loss of reading habit among the youth

I used to sigh at the city libraries presenting a gloomy picture of gradual decline in voracious readers who used to flock in the evenings. Twenty reasons for decline in reading habit 1 People think that reading books consumes more time than referring in the computers.

Computers seem to be more attractive to them than books. People prefer to spend money on something else than spending on books. Some even say that her new nail extensions have made it too difficult to turn pages! Moreover, why to carry a burden unnecessarily when there is a laptop available?

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Everything has become instant and people are losing their patience to spend time in reading and learning things.

But today TV programs and other things occupy their discussion.


Their eyes are easily strained. They find it easier to spend time in something else than in reading books. Decades back there were a lot of magazines and books kept on the table in houses for the use of parents as well as kids. They had time and there was no other time passing.

But to day the situation is different. When they do not show any interest in reading how can we expect the children to read?

20 Reasons for Decline in Reading Habit

But where is time for them for reading in their pursuit of life struggle? From the very starting of education say LKG this is the condition in India.

How can we expect them to develop a reading habit? Only high marks decide the future of their children. They have to work seriously on their school text books to get high marks. For them reading books is a waste of time! Consumerism is their only scale that decides publication of books.

Moreover deforestation and scarcity of printing materials have increased the prices of the books which affect the reading habit seriously. Although people are not reading books as they used to, their thirst for information seems to be limitless.

The habit of reading will come back again after sometime.17) The tough and intense competition in the job-seeking system of education (in the Indian context) has further deepened the insecurity among the middle class families discouraging the habit of reading books other than the school books.

Problems of Poor Reading Habits and Consequences on Academic Performance of Students in Secondary School - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.5/5(2).

A writer at Youth ki Awaaz, Jhalak Aggarwal blames patience to be the main factor behind our loss of interest in reading.

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Somewhere down the line, we have lost our commitment to these hard pages that we so eagerly used to stare at. Loss Of Reading Habit Among The Youth. Movies Help in Promoting Reading among the Youth of Today “I find television very educating.

Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into t he other room and read a book.” (Groucho Marx). Suicide Among Youth A suicide attempt is a non-fatal act in which an individual deliberately causes self- injury and should be recognized as a method of communication from a youth who may be experiencing severe problems.

Reviving the habit of reading among youth - To reintroduce this habit among the youth, Smt Savitridevi Thirani Vidya Mandir High School and Swaraj Abhiyaan formed Thane Vachan Katta.

20 Reasons for Decline in Reading Habit