Mazerunner characterization

Contents Films Maze Runner: While the group panics and huddles closer, Brenda appears from a room off to the side, chuckling that the group alerted their presence, thanks to their "watch dogs".

Mazerunner characterization

There are the plot-significant ones viewers are supposed to ask, like the ones the characters are asking: What terrifying monster lurks in the maze, killing everyone who encounters it? Who set up this scenario, and what do they want? Who thought that final confrontation made any sense at all?

How is any of this remotely possible, and why should we be invested in something so ridiculous? But within that framework of immediate action, The Maze Runner is admirably propulsive.

Mazerunner characterization

But that changes radically as the story progresses. The film version gets all the necessary setup out of the way in a quick, natural introduction, free of voiceover or title-card exposition. The boys have built a small, hardy community full of handmade buildings and well-kept livestock, more Robinson Crusoe than Lord Of The Flies.

They send runners out daily to explore the immense maze around them, looking for a way out, but the doors to the maze close at night, and monsters they call Grievers wander freely. No one has ever survived a night in the maze, or seen a Griever and lived to describe it. Things change rapidly, especially when for the first time, the freight elevator delivers a girl Kaya Scodelariowho seems to recognize Thomas, and has a note in hand describing another momentous change to the situation the group has lived with for so long.

The Glade-dwellers deal with the threat of change in radically different ways: But once that high gear is engaged, the IQ and ambition drop precipitously.

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And by the end, again, viewers are supposed to be left with questions: What was the plan all along? What, above all, comes next for our intrepid heroes? But given how poorly this film lives up to the potential of its fleet, stylish first half, viewers might just be tempted to side with Gally in his desperation to stick to the Glade, where life at least made a little sense.The Maze Runner made over $ million worldwide, on a $34 million budget.

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The Characters of the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The Maze Runner Major Character Analysis Thomas He is a teenager who enters the story in a Box and finds himself in the Glade, with no memories other than of his first name. The Maze Runner is a novel by Jam  es Dashner that embodies the adrenaline-raising thrill of adventure while being laced with mysteries.

Thomas, the courageous and passionate main character, wakes up in the Glade, which is the town right smack dab next to the Maze.

The Maze Runner Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. View Mobile Site PC Gift Guide Game Streams Fallout 76 Game Streams Fallout As the main character, Thomas is an important character in “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner.

He is the newest teenager to enter the Glade and discovers he is .

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