Mexican american males and alcoholism essay

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Mexican american males and alcoholism essay

Stereotypical representations of Latino and Hispanic Americans are likely manifested in the U. They are real repercussions in the current events and daily interactions.

S, and Asian U. S are disregarded in the social perceptions and mass media of America. Latinos and Hispanics are often given with racial value, they are often considered as mixed-race, like Mulatto and Mestizo.

Ethnic, Cultural, and Religious Issues in Drug Use and Treatment

However, the term is considered as an ethnic group that comprises various races. Latinos and White Hispanics and mixed race are admired and over represented in the social perceptions.

In fact, the social perceptions are separated from Europeans and whites because the perception on the society of Anglo-American on Southern Europeans, in particular with Spaniards, is that they are not white.

They are categorized as Latino Americans and Latin Americans although they are racially white. The typical stereotype for Hispanics is that they are labeled to be uneducated because they are not able to speak English fluently.

This is an obstacle that must be overcome. With the increase in third and second generation comes the Hispanics that are introduced in the public school of America.

They are highly stereotyped for being extremely poor that most of them are living in poverty. Images are constantly seen about them piling, crowding and living into vans and a small residence. This cannot be disregarded as a fact; however, they are mainly rooted into deep traditions.

Friends and family are very important with them. Even Americans can take a lesson or two from the traditions and family values of Hispanics.

They share vehicles and homes along the conscious effort of saving money and supporting their family. These scenarios are deeply linked to their culture. This is considered as the biggest and top most drug producing country.

The males are specifically stereotyped as drug dealers and drug users. However, Hispanic males are not known as dealers or drug users because even women and men are so, on every race.

It is unlucky that Hispanic men are being stereotyped on this way. Although Hispanic men are not anymore seen in film and television, women are usually stereotyped as sexpots.

While Sofia Vergara continued playing her role as Gloria Pritchett, wherein many famous Latinas argued that it fueled the stereotype among Hispanic women.

Mexican american males and alcoholism essay

Hispanics are stereotyped as spicy, crazy and loud. The main problem is that the idea of being sexy, sultry and curvy denies the cultural identification on many Latinas.

In spirit, the thinking traps the culture inside the bodies and ignores traditions, ethics and values which contribute in the sense of community and culture.The reasons why Mexican American males recur to alcoholism as a form of consolation or habitual behavior, they have been accustomed to vary.

Regardless it can be concluded that the way in which the two factors of drinking for consolation and drinking because of habit play out differently depending on the level of acculturation, and socio. Cartu a sandstorm research paper essayas kassahun taye research paper cover page header swoosh vocalise natalie dessay opera males are better students than females essay farewell to manzanar setting essay johann philipp kirnberger la lutine analysis essay, cyathea australis descriptive essay dissertation ethical considerations pdf hume essay.

Spanish American Genes.

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Americans with the Spanish blood and Spaniards are overlooked in the mass media of the United States. In fact, the social perceptions are separated from Europeans and whites because the perception on the society of Anglo-American on Southern Europeans, in particular with Spaniards, is that they are not white.

In , the chlamydia rate among Hispanics was cases per , population, which is an increase from the rate of cases per , and times the rate among whites. Syphilis In , the rate of primary and secondary (P&S) syphilis among Hispanics was .

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Mexican american males and alcoholism essay
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