One stop shopping centre

The centre was opened on 4 September

One stop shopping centre

The unique architectural design of the complex displays an old flame that has managed to retain its vibrancy amidst intense pressures from other developing malls and shopping centers in the southeastern part of Singapore. Positioned at the crossroads of Mountbatten Road, Haig Road, renowned Katong market and Amber Road, the shopping center is surrounded by lots of other amenities that will give you the ultimate shopping experience in Singapore.

Katong Shopping center not only prides itself in its rich historical heritage but also the freedom that it has always accorded shoppers.

The shopping center was the first mall in Singapore to have air-conditioned rooms. Having been in operation for so many years, the complex is well positioned to deliver the best shopping experience that you will truly enjoy. It incorporates various shops that cater for day-to-day needs as well other services.

Besides, it is also near several bus stops, making it very convenient for shoppers to visit. By bus, you can alight along Mountbatten Road, from where the shopping center is clearly visible. Katong Shopping center is a premier shopping complex that has been able to stand the test of time with its impeccable architectural design.

It offers a variety of retail and services mix that caters for the entire family shopping. The shopping center is primarily used for Other Retail rent and sale. It hosts several shops and offices that you can visit for a wide selection of various products and services.

One stop shopping centre

The complex also houses employment agencies, tailoring, printing services, opticians, cosmetic shops among others. You can also check in at Katong Shopping center for delicious Chicken Rice at lunch time. And, since there is a variety of eateries situated in the complex, you can as well take a walk around to sample delicacies from other outlets like, Katom Gourmet Food Center, Food With Benefits among others.

Even if you may need a domestic helper or maid, there are several agencies located at the shopping center that you can visit. The shopping complex also houses various spots where youngsters can enjoy their times in internet cafes.

The complex also comprises Feng Shui masters and exorcists that you can visit for religious needs while shopping for other things too. Due to expansive nature of the shopping complex, there is always an ample parking space and easy movement. Besides, the variety of shops also enables shoppers to always make the best choices from the wide collections of products and services vendors.

These local shops are what make the shopping center a great place to visit at any time of the week. The rich historical background of the shopping complex is another key attraction that makes it outstanding among the rest in the area. There are several amenities that you can also enjoy while on a shopping tour of Katong Shopping center, including eateries, grocery stores, banks, retail shops among others.

To the south of the shopping complex, sits the Marine Parade estate, which consists of a mix of private and public HBD housing. In fact, there are several residential developments around the shopping center, and this is one reason it offers a variety of shopping options.

By visiting Katong Shopping center, you can be sure of the perfect shopping experience and satisfaction because of the variety that is offered.

Over the years, the complex has earned a name for itself across Singapore due to impeccable customer service that is always delivered to customers. Coupled with the ambient design of the shops within the complex, there is no doubt you will enjoy every bit of your shopping trip.Welcome to Walmer Park.

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