Protect wild animals

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Protect wild animals

In KenyaAfricaa wildlife preservation ranger named Ricky is on patrol on the savanna when he discovers a stampede of wild animals, heading straight for a nearby village. Although he races ahead of the animals in his land rover and radios ahead for an evacuation, the village itself is trampled to the ground.

Just then, Metalhawk summons the Juniors back to the basehaving received information from Phoenix that the Seacons were spotted in Kenya, leading him to believe that the Decepticons are responsible for the stampedes.

In Decepticon BaseBlood communicates with Gilmer and Dauros over a viewscreen, telling them that the Autobots are on their way to their location. The Decepticon Headmaster Juniors, spoiling for a fight with their Autobot counterparts, request that they be allowed to accompany Blood, but he suggests that they put themselves to work training to defeat them, rather than simply talking big.

After backhanding all three of them, nearly knocking them into the moat of lava surrounding the altar and its glowing orb, he explains that the plan is one with far-reaching consequences—they plan to destabilize the balance of nature, allowing the Decepticons to take power.

As he raises his arms at the end of his speech, the orb erupts with energy. Ricky takes the Juniors back to his village, where they meet an injured fawn. Minerva carries the fawn to her Transtector and places it in the medical equipment to heal.

Protect wild animals

Fly, my pretties, fly! The Pretenders, meanwhile, are exploring the savanna, and soon discover detonators that have been used to cause explosions designed to send animals stampeding.

A short time later, Lander and Phoenix come under attack by Krakens. Phoenix quickly dispatches one, but Lander has to dodge another, announcing he hates the ones that fly. After destroying an Overbite, he contacts Metalhawk, only to find the other two Pretenders have similarly come under attack.

Once the Seacons have been dealt with, the Decepticon Pretenders make their entrance, backed up by a virtual armada of Krakens.

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With their plan foiled, the badly outnumbered Decepticons beat retreat. A little later, as the sun sets over the savanna, the now-healed fawn is released back into the wild as the Autobots and Ricky watch.A tropical rainforest animals list, with pictures, facts and links to further information.

Rainforests are home to an incredibly diverse range of animals and plants. Become an Earth Ranger to save animals, complete animals saving missions, earn rewards and badges, unlock Freebies, play games, watch videos and discover tons of other fun stuff about animals on the Wild Wire blog.

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The Natural Resources Defense Council works to safeguard the earth - its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. Americas. This beautiful bird is Tiago. He’s a hyacinth macaw.

Protect wild animals

Join him in his homeland and meet some of the other incredible animals that live in this part of the planet, like the spectacled bear and the’s plenty for you to do from games to rainforest crafts – it’s a jungle out there!

Why Protect Wildlife? Mass Extinction Your symbolic adoption supports WWF's global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats and includes an adoption kit customized to the animal of your choosing! Plant a Tree. It is only natural that wherever trees are planted, wildlife and other plants are sure to follow.

Jul 03,  · Sci-Tech New 'Facebook' for animals could help protect endangered wildlife. Wildbook uses AI to turn whale-watching and safari photos into a new kind of .

40 Ways to Help and Protect Endangered and Wild Animals--Everyday