The stranger manifestation of the absurdity of

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The stranger manifestation of the absurdity of

Why, then, have you not reckoned up the Antitheses also which occur in the natural works of the Creator, who is for ever contrary to Himself? You have not been able, unless I am misinformed, to recognise the fact, that the world, at all events, even among your people of Pontusis made up of a diversity of elements which are hostile to one another.

The stranger manifestation of the absurdity of

It was therefore your bounden duty first to have determined that the god of the light was one being, and the god of darkness was another, in such wise that you might have been able to have distinctly asserted one of them to be the god of the law and the other the god of the gospel. It is, however, the settled conviction already of my mind from manifest proofsthat, as His works and plans exist in the way of Antitheses, so also by the same rule exist the mysteries of His religion.

The Other Gospels Equally Authoritative. You have now our answer to the Antitheses compendiously indicated by us. I pass on to give a proof of the Gospel — not, to be sure, of Jewry, but of Pontus — having become meanwhile adulterated; and this shall indicate the order by which we proceed.

We lay it down as our first position, that the evangelical Testament has apostles for its authors, to whom was assigned by the Lord Himself this office of publishing the gospel. Since, however, there are apostolic men also, they are yet not alone, but appear with apostles and after apostles ; because the preaching of disciples might be open to the suspicion of an affectation of gloryif there did not accompany it the authority of the masters, which means that of Christfor it was that which made the apostles their masters.

Of the apostlestherefore, John and Matthew first instil faith into us; while of apostolic men, Luke and Mark renew it afterwards. These all start with the same principles of the faithso far as relates to the one only God the Creator and His Christ, how that He was born of the Virgin, and came to fulfil the law and the prophets.

Never mind if there does occur some variation in the order of their narratives, provided that there be agreement in the essential matter of the faithin which there is disagreement with Marcion. Marcionon the other hand, you must knowascribes no author to his Gospelas if it could not be allowed him to affix a title to that from which it was no crime in his eyes to subvert the very body.

And here I might now make a stand, and contend that a work ought not to be recognised, which holds not its head erect, which exhibits no consistency, which gives no promise of credibility from the fullness of its title and the just profession of its author. But we prefer to join issue on every point; nor shall we leave unnoticed what may fairly be understood to be on our side.

Now, of the authors whom we possess, Marcion seems to have singled out Luke for his mutilating process.

See a Problem?

Luke, however, was not an apostlebut only an apostolic man; not a master, but a discipleand so inferior to a master — at least as far subsequent to him as the apostle whom he followed and that, no doubtwas Paul was subsequent to the others; so that, had Marcion even published his Gospel in the name of St.

Paul himself, the single authority of the document, destitute of all support from preceding authorities, would not be a sufficient basis for our faith. There would be still wanted that Gospel which St. Then, at last, having conferred with the primitive authors, and having agreed with them touching the rule of faiththey joined their hands in fellowship, and divided their labours thenceforth in the office of preaching the gospel, so that they were to go to the Jewsand St.

Paul to the Jews and the Gentiles. Inasmuch, therefore, as the enlightener of St. Luke himself desired the authority of his predecessors for both his own faith and preaching, how much more may not I require for Luke's Gospel that which was necessary for the Gospel of his master.

The Apostolic Gospels Perfectly Authentic. In the scheme of Marcionon the contrary, the mystery of the Christian religion begins from the discipleship of Luke.

Since, however, it was on its course previous to that point, it must have had its own authentic materials, by means of which it found its own way down to St.

Luke; and by the assistance of the testimony which it bore, Luke himself becomes admissible. Well, but Marcionfinding the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians wherein he rebukes even apostles for not walking uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, as well as accuses certain false apostles of perverting the gospel of Christlabours very hard to destroy the character of those Gospels which are published as genuine and under the name of apostlesin order, forsooth, to secure for his own Gospel the credit which he takes away from them.


But then, even if he censures Peter and John and James, who were thought to be pillars, it is for a manifest reason. They seemed to be changing their company from respect of persons.

And, in like manner, if false apostles also crept in, their character too showed itself in their insisting upon circumcision and the Jewish ceremonies.

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