Write a program to accept a number and print its reverse multiplication table in java

JavaScript recognizes the following types of values: Numbers, such as 42 or 3. That means you do not have to specify the data type of a variable when you declare it, and data types are converted automatically as needed during script execution. So, for example, you could define a variable as follows:

Write a program to accept a number and print its reverse multiplication table in java

Java program to reverse a number | Programming Simplified

The above will output: COBOL has historically been very secretive and low key. Its domain of use being very secretive and low key. COBOL programmers rarely work on systems that would allow for open internet chat regarding details, let alone existence. It is a tribute to the professionalism of these programmers that most people rarely, if ever, hear the name COBOL, a programming language with billions of lines of source code compiled and in production around the world over half a century.

GnuCOBOL is poised to change that historic trend, and allow for the long overdue sharing of wisdom that legions of COBOL developers have accumulated over 50 years of success and failure.

Roger points out that the list is woefully incomplete. From a development tarball: See make check listing for a current output listing of a test run.

It supports a few options, one in particular: All attempted tests are passed. A compressed archive of the tests, last updated into include Intrinsic Functions, can be found at http: Instructions for use of the NIST suite is included in the build archive under: Test Modules Core tests: From the source code listed below, you should only have to modify Input-Output Section.

Select InFile Assign to "C: Select OutFile Assign to "C: In summary, the benchmark reads a large input file containing a suitably distributed list of telephone call durations each in seconds. For each call, a charging rate is chosen and the price calculated and rounded to hundredths.

One or two taxes are applied depending on the type of call and the total cost is converted to a character string and written to an output file. Running totals of the total cost and taxes are kept; these are displayed at the end of the benchmark for verification.

A run on an older pentium 4 and the million number file gave: TXT 35 D 0. A more recent 1.How do I write a Java program to input 10 numbers and print the sum?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 14 Answers. How do I write a Java program to accept a number less than 10 and print a table of it? How would you write a program to input two numbers and print the sum of 25% of each number?

Java Exercises: Print multiplication table of a number upto 10 Last update on September 04 (UTC/GMT +8 hours) Java Basic: Exercise-7 with Solution. Write a Java program that takes a number as input and prints its multiplication table upto Test Data: Input a number: 8.

1 Scope. This Standard defines the ECMAScript scripting language.

write a program to accept a number and print its reverse multiplication table in java

2 Conformance. A conforming implementation of ECMAScript must provide and support all the types, values, objects, properties, functions, and program syntax and semantics described in this specification.


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C++ Program to Find the Multiplication Table Of a Given number Print Table of any Number in C++ Thanks for sharing this code. It is very simple and easy. A simple C++ program in which user enter a number, program reverse it and display reversed number on the console.

For example: If input nu. Output of program: Using nested loops, we can print tables of numbers between a given range say a to b, for example, if the input numbers are '3' and '6' then tables of '3', '4', '5' and '6' will be printed.

Python Program to Print Multiplication Table