Writing a biography lesson plans

Read the text to the students, then briefly introduce the concept of kente cloth, discussing the importance of shapes and colors as their own form of storytelling.

Writing a biography lesson plans

My Smarties spent about a month reading biographies about Famous People, and we finally settled into writing about a famous person. We worked at how to find at least three points of research, and then how to organize and categorize that research for our essays.

Next, we wrote our five paragraph essays, and color coded to make sure there were topics, details and conclusions.

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We used our library, and had a lesson from the librarian about citation machine. But, I wanted something more from this project. I really wanted to make sure my students understood who their person was, so I handed each one Ipod and Kindle Clipart.

I challenged them to come up with three songs that would be on their person's personal Ipod, and three books that would be on their Kindle. We took the essays and created Biography Lapbooks. To get students engaged in reading each other's essays and work, I also taught them about QR codes.

Each student found a video clip that was no more than minutes to entice the reader to further investigate.

writing a biography lesson plans

Another who wrote about Pele, found a clip of the Top Ten Goals scored by this famous soccer player. We created the Lapbooks, and drew pictures of our famous person on the front. Next we glued the QR code to the front. On the inside of the books, we included the essay, Ipod songs and Kindle books.

My students were so excited to debut these books because they were able to bring in their Ipods and use them at school for our Gallery Walk. On the last full day before break we lined all of our projects up in the long hallway outside of our classroom, then students spread out and spent our 80 minute ELA periods reading and listening about these Famous people.

Our technology director for the district even came down and participated.


I did a short video of one of my students explaining the project, and he even put it up on our district webpage! Yay to my Smarties! I know this will be a really memorable project! I can't wait to get started on a few more Lapbook projects before the school year ends!

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What are your thoughts?The lesson plans below provide a detailed list of the language arts and language arts extensions, with brief activity descriptions and learning activity (LA) numbers. A sixth grade language arts overview, and additional related resources, are also provided.

A Christmas Carol Lesson Plans Author: Charles Dickens This page contains A Christmas Carol lesson plans teaching resources, and fun student projects. Below you will find short descriptions for the 2 projects that are found on this page.

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English Lesson Plans for Middle School. These lesson plans focus on teaching English in sixth, seventh or eighth grade and include ideas for spelling and vocabulary, critical thinking, paragraph and essay writing, as well as units for teaching popular and often-taught books such as The Outsiders, Diary of Anne Frank and The Hunger Games.

This lesson plan can be used to teach your students how to write a biography. Students start off watching a video lesson that steps them through the process, then write in cooperative groups.

Technology lesson plans for elementary school children.

writing a biography lesson plans

There are activities for word processing, spreadsheets and graphing, powerpoint presentations, graphic . Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans.

Lesson Plan Biography Project: Research and Class Presentation. By using graphic organizers, students write or draw meanings and relationships of underlying ideas. This has been shown to improve students' ability to recall content.

??? ?????? argumentative essay lesson plans